50 Cent Hilariously Trolls... Himself


| LAST UPDATE 02/18/2022

By Riley Hammond
50 cent super bowl
Michael Kovac / Contributor via Getty Images

The phenomenal performance at the LVI Super Bowl Halftime Show generated a lot of nostalgic feelings - but several jokes ass well, of course. It didn't take long after performances ended for the hilarious memes to begin circling the internet. And joining in on the fun was none other than the guest star of the show.

We're guessing that there isn't a person who hasn't seen the performance yet, but for those who missed it - here's a little recap. The performing stars were Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Mary J. Blige, with guest star 50 Cent making an appearance. And his entrance was the subject of several hilarious online jokes that later went viral on social media. Following Snoop and Dre's performances of The Next Episode and California Love, the cameras were lowered to reveal 50 Cent hanging upside-down, recreating the iconic music video for his 2002 single In Da Club. And that was when the internet found its muse for Super Bowl memes.

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One particular tweet, posted by Christian Reaves, caught 50's attention. The tweet featured the red-faced Mike McGee meme and was captioned, "50 waiting for his cue." The 46-year-old artist hilariously shared the meme to his Instagram, captioning it, "waiting for @snoopdogg and Dre like ok who's idea was it for me to be upside down again?" Honestly, we'd love to know too. The comments section of the post was filled with laughing emojis, including one comment that joked, "Took one for the team big guy." LOL. Other users praised the Disco Inferno rapper and his fellow performers, calling their performance, "The best half-time show ever." It's hard not to agree with that one!

50 cent super bowl
Kevin Mazur / Contributor via Getty Images

Other hilarious memes that took over Twitter went viral as well. One user posted a photo from Spider-Man hanging upside-down from the ceiling, captioning it "50 cent waiting for his part the whole time." Another funny tweet showed the viral Spongebob meme, which shows the character sitting in a booth at a restaurants with his hands folded together on the table. The meme was hilariously posted upside-down and captioned, "50 Cent waiting for his beat to drop." We can't stop laughing at these trolls' creativity. And clearly, 50 Cent was pretty amused himself! Stay tuned for more lighthearted fun.

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