DJ Khaled Gets a Pedicure: Social Distance Style


| LAST UPDATE 06/30/2021

By Molly Houghton
Us Weekly

Social distancing can make pampering yourself rather difficult, since getting a massage or a pedicure while keeping the six-foot distance is pretty much impossible. While many of our favorite celebs have used this time to adapt to the all-natural look and quit shaving and wearing makeup, DJ Khaled just couldn't live like this.

But don't be bashing this star just yet, he did take all precautionary measures while getting his luxurious pedicure. His personal pedicurist did the job while wearing a hazmat suit, so we've got to give the rapper some credit for following corona rules.

After some fans hated on Khaled for his messy and overgrown hair during quarantine, he decided enough was enough with the whole unkept look. "THEY DON'T WANT ME TO GET A HAIRCUT SMH! I will get a haircut, I will figure it out soon," he posted. "I'm getting my Barbour a space suit stay tuned!"