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Ron Swanson on All Things Food

If you watch Parks and Recreation, then you know the special bond that Ron Swanson has with certain types of food.  If you aren’t a fan of the show (you should be!), this picture should give you a sense of Ron’s affinity for manly snacks:

Yep, that's a bacon wrapped turkey leg.

Thankfully people on the Interwebz have been quick to capitalize on Ron’s manlust for meat products.  First came the (sadly fake) Ron Swanson ice cream flavor:

Which actually earned this response from the people at Ben and Jerry’s:

“We’re thrilled that a passionate and dedicated Pawnee city government employee like Ron Swanson… is getting his just desserts… and we’re thankful that the flavor did not include a turkey leg.

What a bunch of hippy pansies.

But now an industrious genius at NBC has cut together a montage of Ron’s greatest food moments from the show.  Fry up some bacon, kick back, and enjoy:

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