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12 Most Bizarre Comedian Lawsuits

If you know anything about comedians, you know that they have an uncanny ability to get themselves into trouble. As a result, they often find themselves involved in some of the strangest lawsuits around. Here’s a look at The 12 Most Bizarre Comedian Lawsuits ever filed. When you’re done, go check out our list of the 11 Most Viewed Standup Comedy Videos On YouTube and 10 Funny Jokes Told By Presidents.

12. Louie Anderson Sues A Food Court
Back in 2008, comedian Louie Anderson had a regular gig at the Excalibur hotel and casino in Las Vegas so I’m guessing he spent plenty of time at the Excalibur’s food court. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you feel about Anderson’s comedy stylings), one day Anderson slipped on what he called “a foreign substance” in front of the food court’s Manchu Wok and then decided to sue Manchu Wok. According to the suit, Anderson suffered both internal and external injuries as well as “great pain.” Ironically, that’s also how most people described the feeling of watching him perform.

11. The Los Angeles Dodgers Sue Jon Lovitz
Former Saturday Night Live star Jon Lovitz is being sued by the Los Angeles Dodgers, who claim that Lovitz never paid for three “Dugout Club” seats he owned from 2008-2010. The Dodgers claim Lovitz owes them $95,400, which seems like an awful lot of money for a guy who hasn’t been on TV since 2007.

10. An Israeli Comedian Sues Borat
Any time Sacha Baron Cohen makes a movie, it’s a sure thing that lawsuits will follow the film’s release. But usually, those lawsuits come from people who were tricked into being a part of the film. But in 2007, Cohen got sued by Israeli comedian Dovale Glickman for a very different reason – he claimed that Cohen’s Borat character stole his catchphrase. What makes this even more bizarre is that the catchphrase in question is “Wa wa wee wa,” which I barely even remember being in the film. It’s certainly not “Very nice.”

9. A Hungarian Model Sues Chris Rock
Chris Rock has had more than one paternity suit slapped against him, but this one from Hungarian model Monika Zsibrita has to be my favorite – and not just because it gave me an excuse to “research” pictures of her. Rock, who admittedly had sex with Zsibrita after meeting her at the Four Seasons hotel in Beverly Hills, wound up being sued by her. She originally claimed he was the father of her child, but after that was proven false she then said that Rock raped her. No charges have ever been filed for that, but I wouldn’t expect any jokes about it to surface in Rock’s act any time soon.

8. Jackie Mason Sues Jews For Jesus
When it comes to Jewish comedians, Jackie Mason is about as Jewish as they get. So he was understandably annoyed when he found his image was featured on a bunch of pamphlets for the Jews for Jesus organization in 2006. Mason sued for $2 million, but eventually dropped the case and joked, “You can’t be a table and a chair. You’re either a Jew or a gentile.” Mason’s 17 remaining fans probably chuckled when they read that.

7. Carol Burnett Sues Family Guy
Carol Burnett is an undisputed TV icon. But on Family Guy, she was just another janitor in an adult film store. That portrayal pissed Burnett off enough that she sued the show for copyright infringement, but the lawsuit was eventually thrown out of court. The result clears the way for that very special Family Guy episode about a tranny Bob Newhart I’ve always dreamed of.

6. A Radio Listener Sues Jim Norton
In 2009, comedian Jim Norton was on the Opie and Anthony radio show and told a caller that “The chicken crossed the road because it thought that [the caller] would try to f*ck it.” It’s a pretty funny line, but one which the caller – who happened to be a lawyer – decided to sue Norton for claiming that Norton “held him up to public contempt and disgrace and caused him personal humiliation, mental anguish and suffering.” The ridiculous lawsuit wound up being settled, but the caller gloated that Norton had “learned his lesson.” Somehow, I doubt that.

5. Katt Williams Is Sued For Using His Attack Dog
I’m pretty sure that Katt Williams is crazy so there’s really nothing he could do at this point that would surprise me. And that includes getting sued by a recording studio owner who claims that Williams ordered his attack dog to attack the studio owner’s dog and then threatened the studio owner himself. No word yet on whether Katt’s defense will be that every day he’s hustlin’.

4. Dana Carvey Sues His Heart Surgeon
It might seem like Dana Carvey has disappeared from the spotlight in recent years but there’s a good reason for that – he’s been busy having heart surgery that bypassed the wrong artery. Sure enough, Carvey wound up suing his heart surgeon for $7.5 million and ultimately settling the suit for an undisclosed amount. In a related story, Carvey’s old Wayne’s World pal Mike Myers is said to be relieved that he’ll never have to go through a similar drama since he has no heart.

3. Dane Cook Sues His Half-Brother
There’s good news and bad news for Dane Cook these days – the good news is that he’s made a LOT of money over the past few years. The bad news is that his half-brother/manager apparently stole about $11 million of it. Ouch.

2. Bill Cosby Is Sued For Sexual Assault
Bill Cosby is known for his unique brand of family friendly comedy, which probably means we’ll never get to hear much material about his extracurricular affairs. And by extracurricular, I mean the lawsuit he settled with a woman who claims he drugged and sexually assaulted her at his mansion in 2004. I wonder if any Jell-o pudding pops were involved…

1. Sunda Croonquist Is Sued By Her Mother-In-Law
In what has to be the most bizarre comedian lawsuit of all time, comic Sunda Croonquist was sued by her own mother-in-law who found nothing funny in Sunda’s jokes about her. The lawsuit turned Sunda into an instant celeb, and landed her on The Today Show to tell her story as you can see below.

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This post was written by Josh Spector, who is wondering if it will inspire yet another comedian lawsuit.

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