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11 Most Viewed Stand Up Videos

Have you ever wondered what were the most popular stand up comedy videos of all time on YouTube? I did, so I did a little research and found out. Since the list would have been almost all Jeff Dunham videos, I decided to limit it to one video per comedian. That said, here’s 11 of the most viewed stand up comedy videos on Youtube, each of which has at least 6 million views.

11. Robin Williams on Bush and Obama (6 million views)
“Obama, which is an old Kenyan word for ‘Kennedy.’”

10. George Carlin on Religion (7 million views)
“Results like these do not belong on the resume of a supreme being.”

9. Eddie Murphy on Michael Jackson (7 million views)
“Michael Jackson can sing and is a good-looking guy, but he ain’t the most masculine guy in the world.”

8. Dave Chappelle on Weed (7 million views)
“All white people talk about when they get high is other times they got high.”

7. Pablo Francisco on Movie Previews (8 million views)
“Arnold Schwarzenegger this summer is…Little Tortilla Boy.”

6. Katt Williams on Hustling (8 million views)
“If you went to the grocery store and they were playin’ that song, you’d buy everything in there.”

5. Dane Cook on Brain Ninjas (8 million views)
“I can’t just go. It’s not that simple. My CDs are in his truck.”

4. Rhod Gilbert on Lost Baggage (9 million views)
“If I’m completely honest, the first three times this went around the baggage carousel I laughed as well.”

3. Eddie Izzard on the Death Star Canteen (10 million views)
“I do not need a tray to kill you.”

2. Anjela Johnson on Nail Salons (17 million views)
“Oh honey, that’s why you don’t have boyfriend.”

1. Jeff Dunham with Achmed The Dead Terrorist (112 million views)
“Good evening, infidel…”

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This post was written by Josh Spector, who can’t believe that Chris Rock didn’t make this list.

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