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Aisha Tyler Picks Her Favorite Internet Videos

Aisha Tyler recently stopped by the Comedy.com offices to discuss her favorite Internet videos embedded below, and her first single No Ass At All. Don’t miss her Comedy Central Special airing February 21st and the release of her new DVD, Aisha Tyler Is Lit: Live From The Fillmore in stores on 2/24!

PETA’s Banned Superbowl Ad
Is this comedy? They didn’t intend it to be. But I laugh out loud every time I think about what that chick’s gonna do with that pumpkin. Is it hot, or very, very confusing?

Monkey Sniffs His Finger
I have the sense of humor of a four year old boy. But there’s no denying, this is a classic. I won’t apologize.

Bill O’Reilly Goes Nuts
I never thought I’d say this out loud, but Jessica Alba is (gulp) right. What an asshole.

Durex Get It On
How can something so cute be so unbelievably filthy? Sorry Mom.

The Worst Day Ever!
Watch these girls freak when David Archuleta loses Idol. Then buy some birth control. Is it wrong to laugh at someone crying?

The Landlord
Does picking this make me a hack, or a lover of hilarity? Does eating a cheeseburger make you unimaginative, or a lover of delicious? Babies cursing and drinking. Like a cheeseburger for your mind.

Bill Burr Transcends to Genius
Watch my friend Bill Burr take on thousands of drunken buttheads on the Opie and Anthony Virus tour. Did I mention they’re drunken buttheads from Philadelphia? Bill is my hero. I hope he has a gun.

Don’t miss the full version here.

Aisha Tyler is Lit: Live at the Fillmore — The Trailer
I am not above self-whoring. Clearly, nowhere above it at all.

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