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The Top 7 Celebrities Who Will Come Out Of The Closet Next


We just read that a rumor about Will Smith being gay is going around the web. This rumor, along with the recent outing of Clay Aiken, got us thinking. If there is a Dead Pool, why not a Gay Pool? Here are our predictions for the top 7 celebrities who will come out of the closet next. And none of them are Tom Cruise or John Travolta.


7. Rush Limbaugh



A Log Cabin Republican? Well, he supposedly used to hang out at gay bars. He had a gay mentor. Some dude claims to have had an affair with him. He denies it. But you know what happens when Rush denies something… he has gay sex with some dudes. When he talks about the “gay agenda”, maybe he means his plans for the weekend.


6. Alex Rodgriguez



He seems to really dig muscular chicks. And that hand slap from the 2004 ALCS. That’s the only thing we have on him. Other than that “A-Rod” sounds like “Gay Wad”. But here’s a bonus photo of how men apparently love looking at George Brett’s nut cup.



5. Jake Gyllenhaal



He supposedly got busted for doing the nasty with a guy in and SUV in the parking lot of some restaurant in West Hollywood. The only way Jake Gyllenhaal having sex with a dude could be gayer… is if the other dude was also Jake Gyllenhaal.


4. Anderson Cooper



That would make “Anderson Cooper 360″ a better name for a sweet gay sex move. Come on, Anderson. Rachel Maddow is out and she gets better ratings than you. I wonder if he ever says, “Breaking News: I’m horny” when he wants some.


3. Kevin Spacey



Basically, if you’re private about your personal life and then grabass photos of you in Croatia surface, there’s a pretty good chance you’re busted. What if pretend-straight Kevin Spacey is like Verbal Kint, but gay Spacey gets all Keyser Söze on the fellas? That would be rad.


2. Ricky Martin



He had a surrogate mother, just like Aiken. There are a lot of other similarities. Except we bet Ricky gets way hotter dudes than Clay Aiken. And check out this revelation: Menudo = Men U Do. That just came to us! Plus, his album “Almas del Silencio” means “I admit I’m gay and like men” in Spanish.


1. Vin Diesel



He won’t say if he’s gay or not and only dates in Europe. You know who else only dates in Europe? Gay dudes who live there. It’d only be gayer if he only dated in South East Asia. But we don’t know why.


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